Denny Propokos Amsterdam Seminar

Opponent tries to stand, break posture pulling elbows out and forward, keep posture down with Thai clinch, pump arm to center line, transition to high guard to isolate the shoulder, sweep leg up the shin to hit the armbar switch, leg curl away to finish the armbar

Opponent postures but takes hands off the body pull forward using legs, High legs and hips to isolate the shoulder, pull down on head, switch legs to dead orchard position, armbar, kimura, wristlock and triangle

Opponent has posture, elbow mat and move to the side wrap up and pull forward, (shitty mission if your not flexible) mission control, double bag, invisible collar (choke), switch forward come up on the elbow to get the hand around for gogoplata, gogo v2, postures away switch to omoplata

Break opponents posture (3 options shown) can’t clear the zombie, crackhead, fake the zombie again, pump arm across centre line, shoot legs high to isolate the shoulders, armbar/dead orchard finish

Posture broken can’t clear zombie,
Reach across arm, at the same time loop your leg around and in and pull the arm, move elbow over knee to get a tight clinch, then switch legs, hip up, armbar/dead orchard

Warm up

Breath of Fire