Leg Lock Control


Ashi Garami: Outside foot on hip, inside foot under the other ass cheek, foot is active.

Outside Ashi Garami: Both feet on ground or  hip (preferable), legs are strong.

50/50: Feet can be on the ground, straightened out, or triangled. But the inside foot must be protected and covered at all times.

Inside Sankaku: Legs should be straight and very strong, bottom leg covering top leg. Should be sitting, or weight on their leg.

Game Over: Keep legs straight as for Inside Sankaku. As long as you control the leg, you should not lose.

Notes: Always control the knee, your knees always above his (90% of time, submission will not work without the knee) squeeze knees together and place weight on top of knee.


Drill 1: Start in Ashi Garami and tainsition to all positions listed above in that order.

Transition should focus on keeping tight control of the knee, never leaving the knee slip.

Start slow, and only progress in pace when it is smooth and effortless.

Drill 2: Have partner stand over you, feet in armpits. Enter into single X with no hands (hips as high as possible) , and go back down. Repeat 10 times, on the 10th hold the position.

Have partner drag you around while you maintain control.

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